Rack Stack Staging and Deployment - CBM of America, LLC

Rack Stack Staging and Deployment

Our integration services begin with a complete detail engineering package addressing all aspects of connectivity within the cabinet. Whether the rack & stack is done in the field or within a CBM warehouse, our team details both the copper and fiber port/redundancy information, calculates loads on phased CPDUs, and all information is passed on to the installation teams for the build-out.

CBMA’s performs Racking, Engineering, Staging & Testing (REST) throughout our multiple warehouses across the US. All of the materials and equipment is inventoried and installed per the detail engineering spec and to the same level of quality that we adhere to in the central office and data centers. All staging of equipment is stored at a secure, central location prior to deployment at the final installation site while receiving the superior installation expertise of our knowledgeable and dedicated staff.

After the equipment installation is complete, CBM Project Managers work with our logistics partners to ensure a safe and timely delivery of equipment without cross-docking and while utilizing the appropriate level of shock prevention methods.

CBM of America understands cost containment and the importance of implementing equipment with quality workmanship, and precision, all in a timely manner.

Rack Stack Staging and Deployment includes...

  • Lower costs associated with lengthy on site installations
  • Achieve uniformity with all deployments
  • Reduce travel between locations for system configurations and installation
  • Eliminate DOA equipment by performing test and turn-up prior to deployment
  • Avoid delays associated with missing material
  • Maintain consistent labeling and barcoding practices
  • Free-up internal resources
  • Reduce disruptions at final deployment site by shortening installation time
Cost Savings
  • Leverage purchasing power by obtaining project pricing for entire deployment
  • Reduce travel expenses associated with multiple trips to final deployment location
  • Register project with manufacturers for discounts on associated material
  • Reduce installation costs by performing the majority of work at a centralized location
Equipment Preparation and Racking
  • Receive unsurpassed quality in installation and engineering
  • Detailed engineering documents conforming to customer standards for every piece of equipment
  • Thorough inventory procedures
  • Equipment testing and verification
  • Pre-configured and ready for remote access
  • Failover testing on power distribution
  • Airflow best practices and verification
  • Secured transport without cross-docking
  • Fully insured to value of equipment
  • All equipment padded and mounted to shock absorbing pallets for safe transport
  • Certified IT equipment transport specialists
  • Each deployment location will be pre configured for plug and play when equipment arrives
  • Level 4 technicians experienced in Mission Critical environments for final installation
  • Engineering staff with familiarity working in the most complex facilities
  • BICSI/TIA/EIA/IEEE compliance in all aspects of deployment
  • Dedicated Quality Assurance team to guarantee a flawless installation