About - CBM of America, LLC

About Us

CBM of America, LLC (CBMA), is an Engineering, Furnish and Installation company that has also been an innovator and provider of custom network solutions for the communications industry for over three decades.

Our Mission

CBM of America, LLC is committed to building a communications technology solutions company consisting of innovative, dedicated and passionate professionals, who are intensely focused on delivering complete customer satisfaction. Our intention is to build a reputation that is second to none for always meeting or exceeding customer expectations by delivering every product, and every service, on time with the highest quality possible. To build a company that always keeps its promises.

Our Quality Objective

TL900 Certified Logo
ISO9000/TL9000 certified since 2006.

It is the objective of CBMA to produce and provide products and services of the highest quality that meet or exceed CBM’s and our customer’s quality objectives, requirements and expectations. CBM is committed to ongoing quality improvement by continually reviewing the effectiveness of our quality program and evaluating risks and opportunities.

Our Sustainability Commitment

CBM of America is committed to ensuring that sustainability is integrated into our core business to provide future generations with the same resources, health, and environmentally-stable planet that we enjoy today.

We will accomplish this through implementing a sustainability plan that promotes awareness, documents our sustainability goals, reduces our carbon footprint, and encourages community involvement. We continually review our program to determine its effectiveness.

CBMA reports its sustainability data to Ecovadis on a yearly basis. CBM of America has been awarded the Ecovadis GOLD Recognition level for being in the Top 5% of reporting companies.

2023 Sustainability Goals

Classification Goal
Direct Energy Consumption Reduce consumption 15% by 2025
Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) Reduction of 11.2 metric tons by 2025
Total Weight of Waste Reduce 15% by 2025