Engineering - CBM of America, LLC

Engineering Services

CBM provides a full suite of engineering services related to the telecommunications industry, ranging from the design and engineering of custom brackets, to complete data center and central office ground-up detail engineering. We have a proven track record of designing some of the most advanced environments in the industry, and implementing energy efficient and fault tolerant designs that will withstand the test of time.

Data Center

The CBM team of Data Center Engineers has years of experience developing the foundation necessary for implementing future-proof designs that consider all of the most critical components to an efficient, fault-tolerant and modular center that can effectively serve as the heart of critical IT services in a constantly adapting environment.

The rapid growth in the data center space driven by video, cloud computing, disaster recovery and the rapid increase in “connected device” storage and application requirements, have created a strong demand for the implementation of forward thinking data center practices and designs.

Having served some of the most critical data centers in the country, CBM has a reputation second to none, and one that our customers depend on to provide a gamut of engineering related services including:

  • Capacity Planning
  • Space Planning
  • Connectivity Distribution Design
  • DCIM Solutions
  • Infrastructure Design
  • Power Distribution
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Energy Management
  • Rack Management and Equipment Inventory Solutions
  • RFID Asset Management Solutions
  • Deployment Specifications

Central Office

CBM provides a full suite of quality nationwide inside-plant engineering services for your Central Office, Point-of-Presence, and Customer Premise needs, designed to facilitate smooth, efficient, and economical installations.

Our experienced engineers are ready to perform a site survey with you or your customer. We use this data to build detailed specifications including step-by-step installation instructions and cable running lists, methods of procedure, floor plans, proportional front and rear equipment drawings, database updates, and any other project-specific documentation needed to meet your or your customer’s needs. These deliverables are created with the most cutting-edge software, and are delivered both physically and digitally to you. A CBM engineer is available to perform a pre-installation walkthrough with all necessary parties to prepare for the installation period. CBM engineering offers a range of project management services to ensure that all EF&I services needed for your project meet your schedule and quality expectations.

CBM engineers are fully trained in Telcordia, TIA, and other customer-specific engineering and installation standards, and provide engineering services to several Fortune 100 customers.

CBM engineers projects utilizing the latest technologies from manufacturers such as Cisco, Juniper, Coriant, Fujitsu, Alcatel-Lucent for FTTP, FTTCS, DWDM, IOF, SES, IPTV, POTS, and many more applications.