CBLG2253 - CBM of America, LLC


RS530 or V.35 sync null cable, male to female DB-25

CBM of America's CBLG2253 is a RS530 or V.35 sync null cable terminated with one male and one female DB-25 connector. It is typically used when migrating a circuit from an AI patch panel to a CBM patch panel or to a device, such as a TRDC T-40L terminal server, that directly supports RS530 or V.35 over DB-25. In these applications the CBLG2253 is used to adapt existing cabling to the new equipment, so this product is stocked in short one- and four-foot lengths, although custom lengths are also available.

Captive screws and standoffs (4-40 UNC threads) allow the cable to be secured at both ends.

CBLG2253 Overview