PPCIS16-DB25HWIC816A - CBM of America, Inc.


2x8-port DB-25 patch panel, with traffic indicators, for Cisco HWIC8A/16A cards.

CBM of America’s PPCIS16-DB25HWIC816A separates two connections from Cisco HWIC8A/16A cards into eight asynchronous DCE-pinned RS-232 ports each. It accepts HWIC connections over 68-pin female D-subminiature (.05 inch pitch) connectors and provides RS-232 over full-size female DB-25 connectors. The PPCIS16-DB25HWIC816A indicates transmit and receive traffic for each port with LEDs visible from the front of the patch panel. It occupies one RU in a 19-inch rack.

PPCIS16-DB25HWIC816A Overview
PPCIS16-DB25HWIC816A Front View

Front View

PPCIS16-DB25HWIC816A Rear View

Rear View