ADP-RS530-SYNC - CBM of America, Inc.


Line-powered device adapting serial links from RS530 to RS232 over DB-25 connectors

CBM of America’s ADP-RS530-SYNC is a compact device adapting RS530 and RS232 serial links over DB-25 connectors. The most common application of this adapter is migrating a circuit from an AI patch panel to a DCE RS232 port as on a Cisco or a TRDC T40-series terminal server. As these installations are typically already equipped with a DB-25 null cable, the ADP-RS530-SYNC applies another null in its internal pinout to connect through a straight cable to the DCE device at the RS-232 end. Although it is an active device it derives power from the serial ports themselves and requires no fuse assignment. Female standoffs and male captive screws, both threaded for 4-40 UNC, allow for cables to be secured at both ports.

ADP-RS530-SYNC Top View

Top View

ADP-RS530-SYNC Bottom View

Bottom View

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