ADP-DACS2 - CBM of America, Inc.


Low-profile RS-423 over DB-37 to RS-232 over DB-25 adapter, designed for Alcatel-Lucent DACS II framecontrollers

CBM of America’s ADP-DACS2 is an adapter designed to convert the RS-423 circuit presented at the Alcatel-Lucent DACSII frame controller’s DB-37 port to RS-232 over a DB-25 connector with standard pinning. The device has a minimum width and height no larger than the DB-37 connector itself to make it mechanically compatible with the confined port area on the rear of the DACSII controller. Male and female 4-40 screws and standoffs secure the adapter and associated cable.

ADP-DACS2 Overview
ADP-DACS2 Front View

Front View

ADP-DACS2 Rear View

Rear View

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