CBLG2171 - CBM of America, LLC


Straight-through 68-pin VHDCI cable, for Cisco HWIC cards.

CBLG2171-XXX and CBLG2171H-XXX are straight-through 68-pin VHDCI cables, suitable for connecting Cisco HWIC cards to patch panels such as CBM's PP-HWIC8A/S-DB25-SWXL, PP-HWIC816A-RJ45-SW, or PPCIS-HWICAS-8X2DCE. They can be provided in custom lengths but are stocked in three foot (CBLG2171-003) and six foot (CBLG2171-006) lengths.

This family of cables support synchronous circuits over distances as far as 10 feet. For synchronous applications requiring a cable six feet or longer, use CBLG2171H-XXX instead of CBLG2171-XXX. ""H""-cables are made using Hitachi 40471 cable (necessary for longer synchronous runs); these cables are available in standard six foot (CBLG2171H-006) and10 foot (CBLG2171H-010) lengths.

CBLG2171 Overview