CBLG2105 - CBM of America, LLC


Male DB-25 to female dual 2x12 rectangular connectors, adapting a synchronous RS-232 port to RS-449 for 5ESS IOP backplanes and circuit cards such as the UN582

CBM of America's CLBG2105 is a custom-made cable connecting a network device (such as a Cisco, AI, etc) with a DB-25, synchronous RS-232 port to a circuit card supporting RS-449 installed in a 5ESS switch (such as a UN582) via two, 2x12 rectangular connectors. The DB-25 connector on the cable is male and equipped with two 4-40 captive screws; the rectangular connectors are 0.125 inch pitch and engage with male headers on the backplane of the 5ESS IOP cage. It is available in custom lengths.
CBLG2105 Overview