Level 3 Installer - CBM of America, LLC

Level 3 Installer

  • Posted: 01/01/0001
  • Location: NY Metro
  • Department: Installation

CBM of America, LLC

Level 3 Installer

Job Summary:

The Level 3 Installer will be required to perform all intermediate and advanced installation work activities. The Level 3 installer will report directly to an Installation Technician Level 4 or above around these activities. The Installer should have a clear understanding of Installation and Quality Standards set forth by CBMA and CBMA’s customers.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Work with minimum supervision and be certified in Skill levels 1 and 2 - up to and including the following work operations:
    • LEVEL 1
    • Assemble, Erect, mount and align Common Central Office or Data Center hardware
    • Run and secure cable and perform basic wiring functions. This shall include, copper, fiber optic and coaxial cabling.
    • Prepare  cabling for termination to various pieces of telephony hardware
    • Prepare and connect coaxial and fiber optic type cabling
    • During removal operations perform cable verification and cable mining operations
    • Mount and label a wide variety of telecommunication units, terminal blocks, and interconnect panels.
    • LEVEL 2
    • Perform basic power operations such as mounting relay rack or cabinet fuse panels and perform the termination of power feeders. This also includes the running and termination of local power leads from fuse panels to various units within a relay rack or cabinet.
    • Interpret job specifications, floor plans, equipment and wiring drawings
    • Perform complex wiring operations
    • Perform basic installation testing, such as power verification, continuity, Cat5/6 testing and fiber optic loss testing.
    • Prepare, connect  and test coaxial and fiber optic cabling
  • Interpret, lay out and analyze job Method of  Procedures, job specifications, floor plans, equipment and wiring documentation
  • Interface with Job Supervisor/Project Manager and Engineering to resolve any order issues. Correct on site job specifications, drawings, documentation.
  • In-Charge, lead and provide work assignments for Level 1 and 2 installers.
  • Perform installation testing, such as power verification, hardware provisioning and system tests. .
  • During removal, operations perform cable verification and cable mining operations.
  • Meet Network Equipment Installation/Quality Standards as prescribed by CBMA and Customer requirements

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Level 3 installer should have minimum 4-6 years experience as a Level 2 installer.
  • Should possess a good mechanical aptitude
  • Should possess a good knowledge of basic power tools
  • Should have the ability to adapt to various work environments
  • Solid grasp of basic electrical theory
  • Proficiency in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and the Internet
  • Must have clean driving and criminal records and successfully pass a drug test
  • Test equipment, tools and materials used in construction, installation, troubleshooting, maintenance and repair of telecommunications systems and equipment.