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Datatek DT-9480 Network Element Adapter

(Async/Sync NE to IP Interface Adapter)


It's here... A Single Port "All in One" Multi-Protocol "NE-2-IP" Adapter


Protocols Supported

Raw, Async, Sync, X.25, (B)X.25, HDLC, SDLC, EBSC (EBCDIC BiSync), ABSC (ASCII BiSync), UNI (Uniscope BiSync), ALC (ALC BiSync), DDCMP, VIP (VIP 7600 BiSync), or VBA (Variable Bit Asynchronous used for ETelemetry/ E2A).

Built-in Applications

X25PAD For Up to 30 Virtual Circuits; mediates X.25, (B)X.25, does X.25, (B)X.25 aggregation (X25 PASS-THROUGH) and supports special interface for MACSTAR. If your application requires more than 31 VCs then please see our website for information on X25PAD and Datatek's Embedded Network Processor.

Product Design Features

  • Built-in Session Layer (B)X.25 API
  • Support for ISO extensions to allow FTAM upgrades
  • Support for specialized test-head (LTS, DCTU) interface for MLT/LoopCare
  • Throughput: Async 115 Kbps, Sync 116 Kbps
  • Network Element (NE) port: DB25
  • WAN port: RJ45 10/100BaseT Ethernet, Auto-sense, half or full duplex
  • Console Access: Telnet through Ethernet (Initial configuration via DB25 port)
  • Power Options: Power over Ethernet or external power (DC)
  • Availability: 2Q 2004


For additional information, please contact your CBM of America, Inc. account manager.
800-881-8202(FL)      800-398-3686(GA)      800-300-3805(NJ)