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Message from Mike


Welcome to our "New" CBM of America, Inc. web site!

The good news... It's finally "done"!

The bad news... It's not even close to being "finished"!

Sorry for the delay, but based upon the speed, in which CBM's diverse product offerings and services are changing, it seems that our web site will always be a work-in-progress. After several months of development, it became obvious that if we waited until all the lights on our information highway turned green, we would never get going. So we decided to go live, with a more functionally rich design, with more valuable technical information, and with the promise to keep our content as up to date as possible, knowing that we may never be completely finished; which is good news!

Throughout our web site you will see our colorful little chameleon mascot. We selected this prehistoric survivor to symbolize CBM's commitment to helping our customers adapt to change and survive in the fast paced telecom world. Little did we know how prophetic our choice of the chameleon would be.

Since releasing our "fluffy lizard campaign", in August of last year, our industry has been turned upside down and inside out. Extensive layoffs, corporate wide reorganizations, and first quarter capital budget freezes are running rampant. The race for subscriber services dominance has turned into an "Ididerod" like challenge of endurance where the financially unstable and infra-structurally weak are failing every where. The 'lead dog' have become the victims of and stock market volatility.

Over the last 12 years, CBM has been committed to helping our customers respond quickly to change and the challenge associated with adversity. We genuinely feel that "Where there is adversity, there is also opportunity for our customers!"

CBM has positioned its products and services to maximize tight budgets, and minimize the expenses associated with building data switching infrastructure in the central office and the data center.

In addition to our own unique products and services, our web site now showcases a family of network bridging products from Datatek Applications Inc. These products were specifically designed to cost effectively integrate low speed legacy networks with the higher speed IP based Central Office LANs. These products, not only protect the incredible investment in CO cabling & engineering infrastructure, but also provide seamless migration solutions for the replacement of legacy Operation Support Systems.

CBM's on-going commitment to stretching our customers' capital budgets has never been more critical. We will continue to integrate re-used equipment with brand new cutting edge technology, and manufacturer "customer designed" products, in order to build the most cost-effective data networking solutions. Combining this equipment with superior engineering and quality installation services provides our customers with a convenient one-stop-shop for complete communications technology solutions.

After perusing our new web site, you will see that CBM has evolved into a very unique company whose wide variety of products and services simply reflect many years of responding to our customer's network technology challenges. We have learned to embrace change and to welcome adversity allowing our customers to benefit from our resourcefulness and ingenuity.

We look forward to the opportunity of helping our customers, to not only simply survive during the months ahead, but to flourish and win the race for lucrative subscriber services. Let us know how we can help. We are listening!


Michael Stephens
President & CEO